My RFX Circle London Trip 2017

June is definitely one for the books on my Rodan + Fields journey. In December, my team and I finalized the qualifications for the BIG trip that is awarded to the company’s top leaders. I knew it was going to be good, but I had no idea HOW good. My husband is an airline captain so it’s not like we have never traveled. However, when someone else does all of the planning, plans beyond what you could ever imagine, and pays for you and your husband…it adds a whole ‘nuther level to vacationing. I told my family that if we ever return to London, I should probably just stay in the room because it will surely feel a bit anti-climatic.

Nonetheless, to touch on the highlights…we stayed at the Dorchester Hotel where Rod Stewart was also staying, so that should say enough about the accommodations. We were treated to a very fun cycling tour of the royal parks…where R+F had arranged for our picnic lunches to be waiting for us that afternoon. In addition to that, we had a private party at Westminster Abbey. No seriously….it was just us….and the opera singer….and the harpist…and the Dean of Westminster that answers directly to the Queen. On the way, our personal travel concierge informed us that we were being given access to enter through the West Gate, and prior to this very occasion, that particular entrance has ALWAYS been reserved for only royalty. After the private access with tour assistants standing by to answer any questions we might have had while exploring, we had dinner in an extravagant tent on the lawn, where the Dean welcomed us. “Surreal” is the word that comes to mind.

The next day, we were taken to the Althorp Estate…the childhood estate of Princess Di. Little did we know that we had the estate all to ourselves and we would be greeted by Princess Di’s brother, Charles-the 9th Earl Spencer. There were many lawn activities including cricket, falconry, shooting, etc. The tent and band and set up surely resembled something reserved for royalty. We toured the property, including the island where Princess Di is buried. What a forever memory this will be. I do not know how the doctors made this happen, but I am so thankful they did.

The trip ended with a James Bond themed gala at the Sky Garden, overlooking the city and Tower Bridge in one of the most magnificent venues I have ever seen. 155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden offers views across the capital and far beyond. It is the capital’s highest public garden. There were Cirque du Soleil people hanging from the ceiling and performing throughout. As the sun set over London, it was like a dream.

From someone greeting your arrival to someone making sure your bags were directed to the proper place upon departure, every detail was covered. The doctors continually expressed their personal appreciation throughout the trip. My husband was just as much in awe as I was.

So, I tell you this to both express my appreciation to a team and customer base for the past three years leading up to this trip. I would work twice as hard for the same experience. Also, I tell you this because I want anyone looking at this business and thinking about it to know it’s possible, and it’s worth investigation if you are not happy with your current circumstances…or even if you want more on any level. Next year, we head to Cannes, and you better believe I will be on that trip too! I can’t wait to share the details.